Dry-Dockings / New Construction, Refit and Repair Projects

We are frequently required to travel to shipyards to supervise new construction, retrofitting and other repair projects. Whether a vessel is in dry-dock for emergency repair, or for her dry-docking survey, when we attend, our main aim is to reduce costs for owners and underwriters. We do this by being on top of issues 24/7. By having us on the spot, owners can rest easy attending to more important matters at the head-office, while we deal with local issues like dry-dock budgets, estimate reductions, scheduling issues, classification survey inspections and cost over-runs.

Collisions, Allison’s & Groundings / Forensic Marine Analysis & Accident Reconstruction

When an accident is involved, we are able to stitch together the various actions or inactions by the master, crew, and other associated persons like pilots and tugboat captains. We then analyze the vessels log books and automatic data logger, and determine if machinery failures also contributed to the accident/incident. We also interview the various parties and witnesses involved, recording their statements and carefully reconstructing the accident / incident scenario.

Vessel Condition and Pre-Purchase Surveys

Our pre-purchase surveys concentrate on the condition and status of an advertised vessel which is for sale. These surveys are typically ordered as part of the due diligence of prospective buyers and require onboard document review, general inspection of the vessel’s hull and machinery, and sometimes also requires a vessel valuation.

On-Hire / Off-Hire Surveys

Our On-Hire / Off-Hire Surveys typically document the condition of a vessel at the time it is taken on-charter and /or at the time it is taken off-charter. These surveys generally document the physical condition of the hull and machinery, as well as the quantity of  bunkers, and other consumables, on board.

ISM & ISPS Audits

Our ISM & ISPS Audits include assessments of vessel management systems. These audits can include audits of individual vessels, as well as their respective management offices, and company headquarters so as to confirm that company policies and systems are actually operating according to plan, throughout the organization.

Drug & Alcohol Testing of Crews

We have a drug and alcohol testing regimen in place so that either some, or all of the crew, and associated persons, can be tested for drug and alcohol abuse immediately after an accident/incident. We have professional medical staff as part of our team to ensure testing is conducted in the most professional and effective manner possible.

Vessel owners and managers that tend to be pro-active hire us to perform sporadic and random, drug/alcohol testing of crew members on board. We save costs by doing this in conjunction with reputed medical labs in the area and with the assistance of law enforcement if necessary.