About Us

Who we are

Columbus Marine – North America – are leading Nautical Surveyors and Marine Consultants based in the New York City area. We strive to provide world class service to the international marine community. At Columbus Martine, the customer has always been the focus of our business as we tailor our service to the various needs of our clients. This emphasis has led to constant innovation in the services we provide, causing us to emerge as a widely regarded, reliable, cost effective and competitive survey company in North America.

What we do

Our broad experience and extensive knowledge, permits Columbus Marine to provide a range of marine related services to our customers. This includes comprehensive, high quality technical investigation, survey, accident reconstruction, marine forensic analysis, audits and expert testimony adapted to meet the challenges of today’s demanding maritime industry. We serve a host of different clients which include Marine Insurance Companies, P&I Clubs, Ship Owners, Operators, Agents & Managers, Admiralty Law Firms, Railroads, Trucking Companies, Container Freight Stations, Cargo interests, Tanker Terminals and Refineries.


Whether it is day or night, a thunderstorm or snowstorm, a hurricane or calm weather, Christmas or New Year, we are always ready to leave at short notice to any part of the globe to service our customers. We are on standby 24/7, 365 days a year !

Locations we cover

Our offices are located 30 minutes from the Ports of New York and New Jersey. We cover the entire Northeast and also travel frequently to the rest of the USA, Canada, Central and South America to service our clients..

Our Commitment

Integrity and Professionalism are important aspects of our service. If we feel a particular assignment is unethical, or not in our realm of expertise, we will suggest an alternative survey company, even if it means a loss of revenue for us.


We commit to you, the following:


  1. Once we reach the location and assess the situation, we will call you to verbally appraise you of our findings.
  2. We will issue a preliminary report as soon as we are able to. This is usually within 24 hours after we arrive on site.
  3. We will continue to keep all parties involved, and issue periodic reports as required.
  4. Upon resolution of the matter, or if so requested by our principals, we will issue a final report without delay.